Seizure Detection and Alarm Systems

There are a few other projects that have similar goals to OpenSeizureDetector that have started up while I have been working on this, which readers may like to look into. In the table below I have tried to link to the project web page, and also places I have found where user feedback is presented. I have also included any information I can find on how they work and how much they cost. There may well be mistakes there because the commercial products do not publish information on how they work, and I have done the cost calculations very approximately without careful exchange rate conversions. If anyone spots an error that should be fixed, or would like me to add another project, please email

id Name User Feedback Hardware Detection Technology Alarm Technology Remote Fault Detection Up Front Cost (approx) Monthly Subscription (approx) Cost for 3 Years (approx)
1 OpenSeizureDetector (Pebble Watch Version)

Open Source
Pebble Watch Acceleration - Fourier analysis
  • Local Audible Alarm (via Bluetooth - up to 10m range)
  • Wifi
  • SMS (using phone service)
Yes - monitors for comms from watch. £50 0 £50
2 Pebble Seizure Detect
Open Source
Pebble Watch Acceleration - band pass filter
  • SMS (via Twilio internet service)
No £50 £1 (for Twilio SMS service) £86
3 Neutun
Pebble Watch Acceleration (detail unknown)
  • SMS
  • Email (via internet connection)
No £50 0 £50
4 Embrace
Proprietery (Embrace Watch) Acceleration and skin conductivity - machine learning (SVM) detection
  • Phone Call and SMS (via internet connection)
No £249 £10 - £20 £609 - £969
5 SeizAlarm
Apple Watch Acceleration and Heart Rate
  • Phone Call,SMS and email (via internet connection)
unknown £449 £7 £700
6 Smart Monitor
Appears to be a Pebble watch Acceleration (probably - detail unknown)
  • Phone Call and SMS (via internet connection)
unknown £265 £15 - £20 £805 - £985
7 Brio Watch
Proprietary Heart Rate
  • Local Audible Alarm (Bluetooth range (up to 20m)
unknown £449 0 £449
8 SAMI Smart Monitor
Video Camera Motion Detection
  • Wifi
unknown £900 0 £900
9 Emfit Bed Sensor
Bed Sensor Pressure Variation (Detail not known)
  • Local Audible Alarm
unknown £590 0 £590

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